Selling at Dubai Flea Markets

Dubai Flea Market is a second hand market where private individuals with non-commercial intention selling everything USED, from household items, home appliances, furniture, textile, ceramics, electrical equipment, toys, games, books, DVD's, clothes antiques, accessories etc., and handcrafts.

Selling fake or new items (old stock) it is strictly prohibited!!!

Display of items:
All items being displayed on the ground in front of the table have to be minimum 10cm up from the floor - displayed inside a box or any hard covered container, it is strictly prohibited to place any item directly on the ground with out a proper case.

Who can sell?
Private individuals with non commercial intention are allowed to SELL EVERYTHING USED AND HANDCRAFTS!

How much is a stand?
Stand / Participation fee: 290 AED + 5% VAT-  includes 1 table / 2 chairs and at some venues a Gazebo as well.

How to book and pay your stand:
Book your stand online 
All booked stands has to be paid upfront:
You can pay per credit/debit card online 

How to pay for your stand:
"Register online & pay online".

"Register online & pay online per credit/debit card"
Pay online and show your payment receipt which we will send your per email at the registration desk upon arrival to receive your exhibitor table receipt.
Online payment refund policy:
Refund only for cancelations within 72h prior the flea market:
290Dhs = 5% VAT participation fee = 190Dhs refund (No VAT return)
Cancellation refund only possible at one of our Flea Markets on the registration desk!

Cancellations after 72h prior the event will not be applicant.

When to set up your stand?

Stand set up: 6:30am - 8:00am ONLY

REGISTRATION, Zabeel Park, in front of GATE 2
Exhibitor Registration Gate 2 ONLY.
CAR Parking possibilities in front of Gate 1 or 2
After registration in front of GATE 2, you can enter with your wristbands at Gate 1 or Gate 2 depending where you parked your car to unload.

JLT Park, Al Nahda Pond Park, Al Barsha Pond Park
Stand set up: 11:00am - 01:00pm

We do not have a registration desk! When you arrive, please choose any available table you like, start your set up, and we will go around to give you your registration paper.
Please note that your stand should be ready by 1:00 pm!

Deira Waterfron Market
Stand set up: 10:00am - 12:00pm
When you arrive at the open car parking next to Deira Waterfront Market, show your booking confirmation to the security guard 


What does a Stand Package include:

Zabeel Park:
1 table, 2 chairs

Jumeirah Lake Towers:
1 table, 2 chairs, table clothes

Al Barsha Pond Park, Al Nahda Pond Park and Deira Waterfron Market:
1 table, 2 chairs, 1 gazebo, table clothes

What about my table location:
The table location has to be chosen by the principle, "first comes first serves"

How to bring your goods inside ZABEEL Park:
Please note, our registration desk will be located in front of Gate 2. Gate 2 is a small car parking but this Gate is closer to the Flea Market venue but parking is limited. If car parking in front of Gate 2 is full, come to Gate 1 to the huge car parking space at the sand area and walk towards Gate 1 there you will find our registration desk. Please register at the registration desk - collect your table receipt and your wristband!

How to bring your goods to the JLT venue:
Please stop your car at the assigned service road, unload quickly and then park your car in the car parking at the opposite side of the street. There is enough car parking close by the venue. See map! We do not have a registration desk, so please choose any available table you like, start setting up, we come directly to your table for registration.

How to bring your goods inside Al Barsha and Al Nahda Pond Park:
When you arrive, you can stop (not park) your car right in front of the main Park entrance, there you can quickly unload, then park your car at the nearby car parking. Enter the Park with your goods, choose any available table you like, start your set up, we will come directly to your table for registration.

How to bring your goods inside Deira Waterfront Market:
When you arrive at the open car parking besides Deira Waterfront Mall, the security guards will guide you to the open car parking where you can park your car and unload your items only a few steps away from the flea market location. Please keep your booking confirmation ready to get access to the open car parking. Come to the registration desk, get yourself registered choose any available table you like, start your set up.

Green Spot Entertainment LLC is not responsible for any lost items , All our events are very crowded kindly watch carefully your stands.