Millennium Airport Hotel

Book you stand now for 305 AED incl. 5% VAT

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Event Info:

  • 15 December, 2018
  • 14:00 - 22:00
  • Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai
  • Stand fee: 305AED incl. 5% VAT

Location Map

Milenium Airport Hotel _ google earth pic.jpg

Event Information

Stand set up timing: 12.00pm-2.00pm
Flea Market timing:

290.50AED + 5% VAT = 305AED participation fee
contains 1 table, 2 chairs & approximately up to 10.000 target visitors.

How does it works:
1. Stand fees of 290.50AED + 5% VAT - register and pay online via credit/debit card.
2. We will send you a booking confirmation invoice per email to confirm your payment including additional vendor instructions.
3. When you arrive at the open car parking of the Millennium Hotel, come to our registration desk which is located on your way towards the garden/pool area. Please keep your booking confirmation ready. After your registration you can choose any table you like and start your set up.

To reach the free car parking area of the Hotel, follow the signboards to the private parking before you reach the Main entrance of the Hotel.
Our team will also guide you upon arrival.

The Flea Market stands will be located next to the swimming pool on the grass area.

will be located between the car parking and the Entrance of the open venue area with swimming pool and garden.


Location Information

Our Flea Market stands will be located at the swimming pool garden area on the grass.
Opening hour: 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Car parking is very easy and only a few steps away form the Flea Market venue near the pool.

Please follow the signboard for private car parking of the Hotel which is located before you reach the main entrance.
Our Flea Market Team will guide you upon arrival.

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